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A little bit about me…

As you can see in this picture - even 6-month-old me sported headphones and talked on the mic.

Fast-forward a decade or two…

Theatre, TV & Film, behind the microphone, Announcing LIVE at Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Hosting, Moderating and MC’ing events… I’ve had the priviledge of working in a variety of mediums, with some phenomenal people. Not to mention, I’ve been able to do it in both English and French! I keep telling myself that if I keep working at it - someday I’m bound to get my Spanish and German up to speed!

Enjoy exploring my website - 

and don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m a stones-throw away from world-class studios in Vancouver, and have always unearthed some fantsastic studios during my travel adventures in Berlin, Cancun and Whitehorse, to name just a few…

Have an amazing day!

And make sure to look for the beauty…

it’s always surrounding us…

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“Follow Your Bliss”

Joseph Campbell

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