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Photo by Jonathan Cruz



Creator and gatherer

France is a creator by nature.
Her entusiasm for life and art,
has helped build 
festivals, websites, artist gatherings,
co-produce short films 
and theatre - she loves to gather 
people through artistic endeavours,
with passion and heart.
You can often find her on stage or
behind a microphone;
commercials for tv/radio, cartoons, narrations, 
corporate videos or LIVE announcing...
in both French & English!
Here she is, launching Théâtre la Seizième's 2021/2022 season:
And here’s a glimpse of her hosting
The 50th Anniversary Gala for
The Nature Trust of BC:
She traveled across the country with the play “Un. Deux. Trois.”
this past fall, and she’s off again to keep creating a play
about love in the last third of our lives…



France is a pleasure and a delight. Not only is she an incredible talent and beautifully bilingual, she is an absolute dream to work with. Working with France is the highlight of everyone's day!

Thea Baturin, COO/Partner
KOKO Productions & Sound Studios


Voice Agent:

Ralph Streich @ RED


Theatre/TV/Film Agent:

Stacey Ando @ RED


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